Freethink Radio Back Online! Live shows coming soon? 

This site is under constant re-construction,  There may be live shows in the future, pending host availability. An open mic/call in show is coming soon, 8pm-10pm PST.     

Thank You, Dr Ellis.

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Call in Number Currently Un-Available

Or add "Freethinkradio"on Skype

New albums added to the stream server will play in a shuffled order before older tracks in the library. This is due to the "weighted rotation". Meaning, songs with fewer plays, will play before songs with more plays. It helps to get the new additions played within a predictable time frame. So when new albums come in, they will play more often than the older songs until the play counts balance out, and a more random shuffle can be maintained on the stream. A more organized/structured format is in the works. Until then, Please enjoy the music I have been graciously permitted to play here at Freethink Radio. 

Special Thanks to Blingz, of the Control Room Crew for the new Player & App Codes.

Webplayer MP3Links To Other Shows Below. 
To be updated in the future.....

Truenorth Show 2011 show about 2012
3hr UFO Hour and Awake and United Special

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