I created 4 New playlists. Through the day, the entire Freethink Library will play as usual.  And now, starting at 10pm , no heavy metal/ loud rock through to 9am. A Test chillout playlist of primarily electronic music (played in album order) added, 12midnight to 4am Pacific Time. And most recently, Mondays at 12noon All of the heavy metal in the library will play in album order.


Please add dr_ellis or freethinkradio to your Skype contacts if you would like to participate in the broadcast in any way.

(-=Thank You, Dr Ellis.=-)

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Or add "Freethinkradio"on Skype

New albums added to the stream server will play in a shuffled order before older tracks in the library. This is due to the "weighted rotation". Meaning, songs with fewer plays, will play before songs with more plays. It helps to get the new additions played within a predictable time frame. So when new albums come in, they will play more often than the older songs until the play counts balance out, and a more random shuffle can be maintained on the stream. A more organized/structured format is in the works. Until then, Please enjoy the (-=268=-) tracks I have been graciously permitted to stream by these great musicians, here at Freethink Radio. 

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Special Thanks to Blingz, of the Control Room Crew for the new Player & App Codes.

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